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That's what people always say to me at work, if I don't have a book or my PDA or my eBookwise Reader with me at lunch. I love to read and I guess it's obvious. So many books, so little time...and so much dust in my apartment.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

"Secret Baby Santos" by Barbara McCauley

"Secret Baby Santos" is a follow-up book to "Blackhawk's Revenge," which I discussed a couple of weeks ago. It's category romance, and the title gives you a big clue as to the type of category (secret baby, get it?). It was enjoyable, yet forgettable. I gave it a 3.0 rating.

Nick Santos spent years on the motorcycle racing circuit, but finally returns to his small home town of Wolf River, Texas. He's gorgeous - and knows it. Women fall all over themselves for a chance to get his attention. Well, most women, but not Maggie Smith.

Maggie is a woman with a big secret - a secret-baby secret. But this is the mother of all secret babies...see, Nick doesn't even know he had sex with her! The room was dark, he thought she was an ex-girlfriend, and she was too mortified to set him straight once she realized he didn't recognize her. What Maggie doesn't know is that Nick found out the very next day it hadn't been the ex-girlfriend, and he'd built a huge fantasy around the "mystery woman" he'd somehow connected with.

Yeesh. This book was just too much. Too much angst about how she'd been shy and he'd been popular. Too much angst about whether or how to tell him about his now seven-year-old son. Too much angst about how Maggie just couldn't shouldn't wouldn't get involved with Nick with this Big Secret hanging over her head.

Having said that, once I choice to treat this as a campy exaggeration of the Secret Baby category romance, I could enjoy it. I cared about the hero and heroine and wanted to see them work out their problems. But the book won't go on my "keeper" bookcase.


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