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Monday, May 01, 2006

"Industrial Magic" by Kelley Armstrong

"Industrial Magic" is book 4 of Armstrong's "Women of the Otherworld" series. It's told from the point of view of Paige Winterbourne, the narrator from the last book.

This was an enjoyable mystery, and I gave it a 4 rating. This book will contain some spoilers for previous books in the series, so you might want to postpone reading it if you haven't caught up on the series yet.

Paige and Savannah are now living with Lucas in Washington state. Paige is trying to get a new Coven started, Lucas is still working court cases for those being targeted by the cabals, Savannah is still the "typical" mouthy 13-year-old.

Then Lucas' father - CEO of the Cortez cabal - shows up to ask for their help. Children of cabal employees are being murdered, and Lucas' father wants Paige and Lucas to help find them. At first they refuse, but they quickly change their mind. In offering to help, they face a series of decisions about how much they're willing to use Cortez cabal resources in their search.

There also seems to be a rather artificial side plot in which Paige and Lucas dance around the idea of a deeper commitment in their relationship.

But overall, this is mostly a mystery. And as they close in on the killer, they not only realize that Lucas and Savannah are in danger, but Lucas begins to understand the true nature of his father's feelings for him.

New paranormal characters join the series, and old friends, including Elena's Pack, also become involved. One of the characters returning from "Stolen" and "Dime Store Magic" is Cassandra, a rather self-centered and disconnected vampire. She provides some comic relief - although she doesn't realize it - with her blunt and pointed questions.

One of the comments she makes more than once is that Paige is finally growing up. And - thank God - it's actually true. Paige's personality had a lot to do with my lack of enjoyment over the last two books, but she actually seemed like a grown up this go-round. Oh, she still has a tendency to leap before she looks, but she stopped whining about everything while doing it.

Spoiler alert!

The main reason I didn't give this an even higher score was because of Paige's trip into the afterlife. It had a real "Deus ex machina" feeling to it, and it solved one big problem way too easy. It also sets up the next book, but I only know that because I read the "Haunted" bookcover.

I was slogging through these books to get to "Broken," which just came out in April, because it would be back in the werewolf Pack's world, but this book was a welcome surprise. I hope it continues into the next book, which is from yet another character's point of view.


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