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Sunday, May 07, 2006

"Definitely Dead" by Charlaine Harris

I was almost afraid to start this book. But my reserve at the library came in, and I had to read it now or get back in line! (I'll buy this book when it's available in paperback, but I read too much to buy anything at hardback or even tradepaperback prices!)

I've been reading so much in the paranormal genre lately that I was afraid my opinion would suffer because I'm getting burned out or would compare it to something else. Didn't happen though.

Really enjoyed it! "Definitely Dead" was definitely worth waiting for and I gave it a 4.5 rating.

This books starts out pretty much where "Dead as a Doornail" left off. Debbie Pelt's parents are still trying to find out what happened to their daughter. Sookie's still upset about how her relationships with Bill and Eric have ended. Sookie's boss, Sam, still seems to have a "thing" about her, but isn't willing to speak up.

In this book, Sookie is summoned to pre-Katrina New Orleans, presumably to claim her "definitely dead" cousin's estate. You just know there's more to it, but that's the main reason people keep giving her. Before she leaves, she begins a new relationship with Quinn, the tiger shapeshifter from "Dead as a Doornail." She's interested, but feeling a bit leery about the way the last couple relationships with paranormals have ended, she's trying to take it slow.

Once she gets to New Orleans, everything gets complicated and she gets drawn into trying to solve another murder. At the same time, she's definitely the target of some nasty bad guys, and can't quite figure out if the two are related.

Possible inside joke: When the series began, Sookie described herself as blonde, blue-eyed, busty, twenty-five...and a total bomb with men because she could read their thoughts. All the men in town just thought she was crazy. Since Sookie met Bill, men seem to be crawling out of the woodwork who want her...Bill, Eric, Sam, Alcide, Calvin, Quinn... While you want to cheer a little for Sookie, it does seem a bit unrealistic. So this book opens with a photo shoot with Sookie and Claude, the absolutely gorgeous but self-center and gay fairy (fairy as in magical guy, not as another word for gay). Neither Sookie or Claude have a lot of luck looking "hot" for each other for the photo shoot - and it's very obvious that there's at least one paranormal guy in Sookie's life that isn't interested in bedding her!

What I especially liked: the ectoplasmic recreation of her cousin's last day was way cool! And I thought her new relationship with Quinn has lots of promise. But when it comes to paranormal fiction, I prefer the shapeshifters to the vampires anyway. So that may have more to do with my inability to "get" the appeal of vampires as love interests.

What I didn't really care for: I thought the ending was a bit unrealistic and abrupt. I kept thinking, "all this tension lead up to this?" And the bit about the witch deciding to come live with Sookie for awhile - didn't seem to fit the plot at all, other than to expand the character-base in the story and lead into the next book.

I still gave it a 4.5 despite my thoughts about the ending, because overall I thoroughly enjoyed it. Sookie is fluff, but it's fun fluff, and I look forward to the next book in the series.


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