Where's Your Book Today?

That's what people always say to me at work, if I don't have a book or my PDA or my eBookwise Reader with me at lunch. I love to read and I guess it's obvious. So many books, so little time...and so much dust in my apartment.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

And so it begins...

I don't know how this will work out - or if anyone else will ever read it! - but it seems the thing to "do" these days is have a blog. So here's mine, for better or worse.

I read almost every day. I can finish most category-length romances in a day, most mass-market paperbacks in two or three. So I read a
lot...and sometimes I wish I could read faster! So many books, so little time...and so much dust in my apartment. Eek.

I read a lot of romance, but the sub-genre might be sci-fi or paranormal or romantic suspense. I've been a bit obsessed with a genre called "urban fantasy" (I've also seen it called "speculative fiction," although I think that could be used in a broader sense). I just love these "alternative universe" stories set in our world...if only our world included magic or fairies or werewolves or trolls.

I used to read a lot of suspense/thrillers, so I tend to keep up with a few favorite authors there. I might even pick up something more along the line of "pure" sci-fi or fantasy, but the story really has to be character-driven for me to enjoy it. I just get lost (and not in a good way) in books with copious descriptions of technological advances, arcane magiks, or convoluted political machinations. And you never know what else I might pick up, if it catches my eye. I have horrible impulse control at the bookstore - whether brick-and-mortor or online.

Given my tastes, I certainly don't think I'm a book snob. Pure pulp fiction. Sometimes, I find myself absolutely immersed in a book, with characters I want to know more about even after the story is finished...but I'm embarrassed to admit it because the logic is weak or the writing overly flowery. And yet, I still want to read more. Guilty pleasures, I guess.

So I thought I'd share my opinions about the books I'm reading. I'll try to be honest about what I liked in the book...and what I didn't. Maybe sometimes I'll talk about themes in stories I've been noticing or those little things that drive me crazy (like the overuse of the word "revel" in romance novels. Or "writhe." Or "thrash." Or...make me
stop!) And I expect I will blather off and on about my love for - and frustrations with - ebooks.

You might agree with me. You might not. That's more than okay. I just want to be able to give my opinion honestly, instead of monitoring myself on chat lists where the authors might visit.

So if you've found your way here - welcome! I hope you'll find something to interest or entertain you.


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